About Us

Change is constant and we believe that every individual has an innate ability to cope with life’s stressors and live life to the fullest. Deeply rooted in our values is the importance of creating a respectful and safe place where individuals, regardless of age, feel reassured and supported in their own personal therapeutic journey.


The Tree of Life

Psych Connect Pte Ltd

The various elements of the logo stand for the human connection in the therapeutic relationship, importance of the family system in an individual’s life, limitless growth, nourishment and strength.

Our colors symbolize hope, safety, stability, endurance, trust, wisdom and confidence. The hands represent the alliance between the client and helping professional. The blue dots represent the parents who are at the core of change and strength for their child, who when nourished and supported adequately has the potential to reach for the stars!


“Empowering Minds & Connecting Lives”

"We are so made, that we can only derive intense enjoyment from a contrast and only very little from a state of things."

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

Freud provided insight into the human desire for novelty.

Imagine a life where nothing changed; where each experience no matter how novel was experienced with the same shade of grey and familiarity. Sameness creates a sense of monotony. Over time, when our experiences come to a standstill, the experience is unappealing. We believe that change keeps us alive and humans have an intrinsic drive to do so.

The power of human imagination is limitless. In our minds, we can travel anywhere in the universe or beyond. Coupled with our drive for life, the human mind can explore anything and expand to our maximum potential through our thoughts alone.

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Our Clinic

10 Winstedt is in the central district of Newton, only a stone's throw away from Orchard Rd. Tucked within lush greenery, our clinic is inviting and soothing. Our clinic rooms have been furnished to create a warm, serene and non-medical environment. We pride on it being a cosy and safe space for therapy.