Adult Psychological Assessments

We offer psychological testing services for adults 18 years and older. Types of psychological assessments available include:

1. Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

The comprehensive diagnostic assessment aims to evaluate a range of neurodevelopmental, personality, learning and mental health conditions. The assessment could serve as a re-assessment to evaluate effectiveness of treatment and/or initial diagnosis for treatment planning (in the event that conditions were not previously examined in childhood or adolescence).

For instance, we can assess for:

2. Forensic Psychological Assessment

A forensic psychological assessment is a part of the broader category of psychological assessment. The purpose of forensic assessment is distinct from that of traditional therapeutic assessment, and as such forensic evaluators have different training and practice guidelines. The primary goals of a forensic assessment involve providing explanations for past and present behavior and, making predictions about the parameters of future behavior.

In other words, the assessment explores biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the commission of criminal behavior. This evaluation looks at the individual’s risk of criminal re-offending and identifies treatment pathways to mitigate future offending.

3. Parenting Capacity, Custody, Guardianship and Adoption Assessments

These assessments assess suitability for parenting in the form gaining custody, guardianship and/or adoption. It offers an in-depth understanding of an individual’s parenting skills and also, psychological profile of areas to be considered or explored through ongoing psychological intervention (in order to support one in their new role of a parent).