Behavior Therapy

We provide clinic and home based behavior therapy programs. Our therapists are committed to providing individualized attention to your child’s needs and bringing about accelerated learning as well as rapid development of skills.

Our programs are based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Naturalistic Teaching.

ABA has been shown through extensive research to helping children develop essential skills in the areas of cognition, academics, social interaction, language and communication and, functional adaptive behavior. Whilst normally related with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ABA is not solely a treatment for Autism and has been effectively used with children who are in need of behaviour modification or who need to learn essential life skills.

Naturalistic Teaching is an extension of the ABA pedagogy. It emphasizes contextual learning. Following critique of the drill-like and rote nature of ABA, this approach was developed to provide more holistic and adaptive teaching. Being both adaptive and reactive to the child’s needs and environment, it makes it easier for the skills to be generalized to a range of situations.

The outcomes of our approach include:

  • An increase in desirable behaviors
  • A decrease undesirable behaviors
  • Teaching of new skills
  • Promoting generalization of skills