Forensic Psychological Assessments & Therapy

At Psych Connect, our clinical and forensic psychologists are distinguished from general clinicians in the field by their additional training in the knowledge of legal and forensic issues, as well as the application of psychological processes to address legal questions which can arise in the context of criminal and civil law. Some of our psychologists have either previously worked with the Singapore Courts or have supervised the Psychologists working in Singapore Courts.

Criminal Law

Our psychologists can work with those who are either at risk of prosecution or who have already been charged. Once appointed by the Singapore Courts, they can conduct an evaluation:

  • to determine whether the accused is suffering from any mental health issues and if these issues contributed towards the commission of the offence(s); and
  • to conduct a violence risk assessment. This assessment attempts to predict the likelihood that an individual will commit a violent or anti-social act. Through a forensic risk assessment, forensic psychologists work to ensure the proper preventative interventions are made.

A forensic psychological assessment is a part of the broader category of psychological assessment. The purpose of forensic assessment is distinct from that of traditional therapeutic assessment, and as such forensic evaluators have different training and practice guidelines. The primary goals of a forensic assessment involve providing explanations for past and present behavior and, making predictions about the parameters of future behavior.

In other words, the assessment explores biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the commission of criminal behavior. This evaluation looks at the individual’s risk of criminal re-offending and identifies treatment pathways to mitigate future offending.

Our psychologists can also provide therapy and support for those involved in a criminal offence, be it for the accused or the victims of the crime.

Civil Law

Our psychologists are often called upon to assist with family law matters, in which they would conduct evaluations of divorcing parties and the children of divorce to help the court determine issues relating to custody, care and control, or access.

These assessments assess suitability for parenting in the form gaining custody, guardianship and/or adoption. It offers an in-depth understanding of an individual’s parenting skills and also, psychological profile of areas to be considered or explored through ongoing psychological intervention (in order to support one in their new role of a parent).

Generally, our forensic services are summarized into the following:

  • Medico-Legal Assessments and Comprehensive Reports for Court Proceedings
  • Expert Testimony on Medico-Legal Issues for Court Proceedings
  • Psychometric Testing For IQ, Autism, ADHD, Personality, Mood Disorders, Psychotic Disorders and More
  • Child Custody & Guardianship Evaluations
  • Parenting Capacity & Adoption Assessments
  • Risk Assessment for General, Violent and/or Sexual Offending
  • Psychological Treatment for trauma and other clinical disorders resulting in the offending
  • Co-Parenting and Treatment of Parental Alienation
  • Supervised Custody Exchanges
  • Traditional Talk and Art Psychotherapy for children who are facing, or are suspected to be facing, emotional or behavioural difficulties as a result of divorce. The goal is for children to develop healthy emotional regulation.
Medical Legal Services for Families
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