Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) treatment focuses on helping individuals with a physical, sensory, or cognitive difficulties be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. OT can help children and adolescents with various needs improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills and, enhance their independent daily living skills, social and play skills, self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

At Psych Connect, we provide both clinic and mobile evidence based and family centered OT services. Based on your child’s profile and needs, therapy may be delivered in individual sessions or in group sessions and can take place in the comforts of your home, school or at our well-resourced sensory motor gym. Firmly rooted in our therapeutic goals, is ensuring the transference of skills learned in therapy into everyday tasks.

We aim to help children and adolescents reach their fullest potential, through an integrative, holistic, play based and multisensory approach. Our therapists firmly believe that engaging in meaningful activities, especially when rooted in a child’s own routines, enhances therapeutic outcomes.

We offer services for the following areas:

  • Encouraging participation and independence in activities of daily living
  • Assessing and prescribing specialized equipment and, environmental modifications to enhance participation
  • Evaluating and developing gross motor, fine motor, visual perceptual and cognitive skills
  • Analysing and providing multisensory interventions to manage sensory processing difficulties