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"Employees are a company's life force. Investing in your employee’s wellbeing not only makes them stronger but makes the Company stronger."

Research shows that 47% of employees have acknowledged that their personal issues have had a detrimental impact on their workplace.

Your employees’ emotional well-being is crucial to the success of your organisation. Mental health influences our emotional and social wellbeing, impacting how we manage stress, relate to others, and make choices.

When your employees experience mental wellness, they can realise their abilities, cope with stress, work productively, and make a contribution to their community. Your people are the core of your organisation.

As organizations recognize the impact of mental health on employee performance and productivity, company wellness programmes have gained significant attention.

At Psych Connect, we partner with organizations to create positive work environments, improving the well-being of employees.

As we are experienced in working with multi-national and government corporations, we create programs tailored to each company’s needs, offering confidential workplace counselling, wellness talks and training to bring out the best within them.

Our employee assistance program (EAP) and corporate wellness program in Singapore and Southeast Asia offers professional guidance and support for various issues, including stress management, work-life balance, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and more. Our team of experienced psychologists and counsellors provide workplace counselling in Singapore and Southeast Asia, helping employees navigate the challenges they may face in their professional lives. From conflicts resolution to career transitions, our counselling sessions aim to equip individuals with the necessary coping strategies and tools to thrive in their workplace. By offering confidential and timely assistance, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and create a positive work culture.

Psych Connect's EAP services for employees are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. We work closely with employers to develop customized EAP programs that align with their corporate culture and values.

Please contact us to discuss your organisation’s individual and group needs.

Employee Assistance Programme Services

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  1. Wellness Talks and Workshops
  2. Employee Counselling and Life Coaching
  3. Confidential Helpline
  4. Mental Health Advocate Programme
  5. Crisis Response
  6. Supporting Leadership & HR and, Executive Coaching

At Psych Connect, we offer comprehensive corporate and employee assistance programs that cater to the well-being of both employees and organizations. Our company wellness programs, EAP services, workplace counselling, and other services are designed to address the specific needs and challenges of the corporate setting. By prioritizing mental health and providing timely support, organizations can foster a healthy and thriving workplace culture.