Corporate & Employee Assistance Program

Crisis Response

Unexpected events may occur in the workplace, disrupting our personal and work life. Traumatic situations require extra support from mental health professionals.

Our clinicians have extensive experience and training working with stress responses and trauma. We can assist you with emotional support during a crisis, which may include:

  • Death of an Employee/Student
  • Suicides, Threats & Assaults
  • Workplace Accident
  • Violent Acts such as terrorism and workplace violence
  • Natural Disaster

We offer on-site and off-site services. We are swift in assisting your organisation manage responses and delivering group or individual sessions of emotional support.

We are able to conduct our crisis response in a number of spoken languages and are experienced working with interpreters.

Please contact us to start a discussion about your organisation’s needs.

Other Programs

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  2. Employee Counselling and Life Coaching
  3. Confidential Helpline
  4. Mental Health Advocate Programme
  5. Supporting Leadership & HR and, Executive Coaching