Child & Adolescent Psychological Assessments

We provide psychological testing for children as young as 12 months old through to adult years. We are experienced in administering internationally recognized comprehensive diagnostic and process-based psychoeducational evaluations with the aim of developing practical and meditative recommendations in relation to academic, social, behavioral and emotional functioning.

We provide the following assessments:

1. Cognitive Assessment (Otherwise known as IQ Testing)

Provides a broad sampling of an individual’s thinking, reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Learn More about Cognitive Testing and the use of Singapore-based norms for testing.

2. Academic Achievement

Provide an overview of an individual’s cognitive and academic profile

3. Diagnostic Assessment

Designed to individually tailor the assessment tools to the presenting concern and, identify problem areas related to the diagnostic classification systems. For instance, it would assist with:

4. Social Emotional/Personality Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation designed to help understand social, emotional and behavioral functioning within both the home and school settings

5. Developmental Assessment

Designed to evaluate developmental delays in young children. Learn More about Developmental Assessments

6. Neuropsychological Assessment

Provides an understanding on brain-behavior link through a detailed understanding of higher cortical functions, such as attention, perceptual abilities, planning and organization, problem solving memory, reasoning and language. Learn More about Neuropsychological Assessments

7. Gifted Assessment

Designed to identify intellectual giftedness along with personalized access arrangements and recommendations for schools

Psychological assessments serve varied purposes for you and/or your child. They can be used to assist with:

  • Develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and, assisting with applications for school-based and examination accommodations
  • Identify areas to be explored through therapy and make referrals to appropriate specialists/programs for further treatment such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietician and Early Intervention Programs
  • Assess school readiness and placement
  • Assess receptiveness for psychological intervention along with identification of psychological processes, personality traits and emotional wellbeing to be targeted through formal therapy
  • Determine suitability for adoption, guardianship and, custody