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Depression and Anxiety - It is not just in your head but may be a Central Nervous System Response. Understanding mental health from the perspective of sensory processing.

Sensory Processing and Mental Health

What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration Disorder.

Tips on Attachment-Based Parenting

Attachment and parenting. Learn effective ways to develop a deeper bond with your child.

Talking about racism with children - Expat Living

Racism and, tips on how to approach this topics with your children and teenagers.

How stress affects children - Article Featured in Expat Living

Anxiety, Stress and Impact on Children

Home-based Learning and Circuit Breaker

How to support my child with home-based learning

Covid-19 and Managing Grief

Understanding and coping with emotions arising from Covid-19

Understanding Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence (TFSV) - The Sunday Times 8 March 2020

Our Clinic Manager and Principal Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Sanveen Kang discusses TFSV.