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Employment, Stress and Pandemic - The Straits Times 20 July 2020

Dr. Sanveen Kang comments on the psychological impacts that Covid-19 may have on employees going back to work in phase 2 of the country's gradual reopening.

Well-being and Transitioning Back to School

Returning to school post COVID-19 lockdown.

What is Art Psychotherapy? What are some programs I can consider?

Art psychotherapy and support during COVID-19 period.

Work, chores, being indoors - managing mental health

Parental Mental Health.

How to stay calm and positive amidst stress and uncertainty

Psychological well-being and COVID-19.

Using art to bond with your child

Attachment and Bonding through Art Psychotherapy.

Encouraging & Empowering Children

Dr. Sanveen Kang provides simple strategies to encourage and empower your child.

Debunking the myths and understanding paternal post-partum depression

Post-partum depression in father and paternal well-being