Tips to facilitate communication with your child.

Published on 1st September, 2019 by Dr. Sanveen Kang

Tips to facilitate communication with your child.

It may not be possible to prevent language and communication delays. However, parents can work toward facilitating communication with their children. Follow these tips to encourage language development in your child:

1. Talk to your child from the time they’re born.

2. Respond to your child’s babbling when they’re a baby.

3. Getting down to your child’s level

  • Get down to their physical level and make sure that you can look directly into each other’s eyes.
  • Build on their interest and take the focus off talking.
  • Play together and have fun!

4. The four I’s (See previous article: Understanding speech and language delays or disorders in children)

5. Model Language

  • Talk about things that are happening right now, in front of you
  • Keep talking about yesterday or tomorrow to a minimum
  • Use visual cues to make it easier to understand

6. Ask a Question

The following questions are organized in order of increasing complexity.

  • Choice Questions
  • Yes/No Questions
  • What Questions
  • Where Questions
  • Who Questions
  • When Questions
  • Why Questions
  • How Questions
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