Ms. Chloé Dunn-Lee

Educational Qualifications

  • Masters of Arts (Art Therapy)
  • Bachelor of Science in Education (Orientation Education and Training)

Professional Registration

  • Member of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Art Therapies Association (ANZACATA)

Ms. Chloé Dunn-Lee

Senior Art Psychotherapist

Ms. Chloé Dunn-Lee

Chloé is an art psychotherapist with experience working with individuals of all ages, ranging from babies to the elderly; in schools, hospitals, shelters, corporate and private practice settings. She truly believes every individual is able to reach their full potential with the appropriate support. Therefore, she provides a safe environment for her clients to express themselves through creative expression and verbal sharing; instilling a sense of hope, healing and empowerment.

Chloé specialises in working with children with special needs and their families in both local and international schools. In her role she provides individual, group and parent-child sessions as well as supports parents and staff through psycho-educational trainings or consultations. As a mother herself, she has a keen interest in helping families strengthen relationships with each other and build positive memories through expressive arts.

Prior to becoming an art psychotherapist, Chloé has a background in education and training with more than 15 years experience supporting children with learning difficulties. In recent years she has pursued marrying her expertise in art therapy and training to create various tailored psycho-education, family bonding, corporate and community art programs.

As a person, Chloé is able to relate well with people from all walks of life, having lived in various cities across US, Europe and Asia. As a Swiss-American, Chloé is fluent in English and French and speaks basic Chinese and German. Chloé counts herself privileged to be part of her clients’ transformative journey and share in their joy as they overcome challenges and enhance their quality of life.